It’s time we think differently about mental health.

In today’s hyper-connected world, taking care of our mental health is more important than ever.  Poor mental health can affect not only you, but also those you love.  That’s why we’re helping millions of Canadians access the innovative Mental Health Check.  Because the best way forward begins with truly knowing where you stand.

What is Mental Health Check?

Life Support’s Mental Health Check provides online clinical support in the assessment and triage of mental health issues. Mental Health Check provides a confidential and comprehensive evidence-based assessment of an individual’s current mental and emotional health.

Why do I need a Mental Health Check?

Everyone feels worried, sad, confused, or upset at times. While having these feelings can be normal, they can become bigger and interfere with your life. Complete the Mental Health Check assessment to see how you are doing and explore whether getting some help from a trained professional might be a good idea.

With Mental Health Check, you are only one step away from the clarity and confidence you deserve!

Get Started With Mental Health Check

For individuals wanting to complete a Mental Health Check and/or seeking more information.

For mental health professionals interested in reviewing assessments and/or receiving referrals.

Our Approach and Philosophy

Our mental health support tools will help change the way individuals are assessed and treated in support of their mental health struggles. Our commitment to clients – individual, corporate, and commercial – is to provide a consistent, evidence based virtual pathway to immediate qualified help.