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Mental health as part of our overall wellness has neer been more important!  If you have a passion and commitment to creating positive change for those affected by mental health challenges, we would love you to join our Champoions Team! 

“Life Support Champions are more than the titles you may hold…you are REAL people who have personal experience with mental health challenges, a desire to help others, and a passion to change how the world sees mental health. “

Michelle Cameron Coulter & Rob Riggle

Champions Team Director & Lead Champion

Champions Team Leadership

We are comitted to creating successful mental wellness outcomes around the globe.  Join our growing team of mental wellness warriors and help advocate to Maintain Your Brain.  

Michelle Cameron Coulter

Michelle Cameron Coulter


Champions Team Director

Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle


Lead Champion

Haris Usanovic

Haris Usanovic


Artistic Director, Videographer

Jess Randall

Jess Randall


Director of Media, Marketing & Communications

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