Working together to create successful mental wellness outcomes.

We love to collaborate with organizations that share our passion and commitment to provide individuals, families, and corporations with timely, targeted and effective mental health support. 

Mental Health Check is billed directly to your employee benefits provider by Life Support Mental Health Inc. There is no direct cost for an MHC for a person who has an active benefit plan or access to a Health Services Spending Account.


To Your Employees

  • Streamlined referral to aligned mental health professionals, ensuring employee receives the appropriate support they require
  • Comprehensive and accurate assessment reduces intake - efficient introduction and earlier commencement of treatment protocols
  • Alleviate or shorten duration of mental health related absences - successful return-to-work outcomes
  • Contributes to higher employee engagement, morale and job satisfaction, encouraging employees to be productive and successful

To Your Organization

  • Improves ROI on organizational health and well-being initiatives
  • Lowers costs and incidence of presenteeism and absenteeism in the workplace
  • Mitigates increased insurance costs through improved (lower) claims experience
  • Supports Psychological Health & Safety in the workplace – employee awareness and perception of organizational support with focus on mental health prevention and promotion
  • Better employee retention and stronger talent attraction

What is Mental Health Check?

Partnerships Making an Impact

Why Partner with Life Support Mental Health?

  • Receive employee recognition as advocate for complete wellness
  • Acknowledge mental health as vital to employee’s overall fitness
  • Support a holistic approach to employee health and wellness
  • Position company as forward-thinking and employee focused
  • Protect bottom line by mitigating increasing corporate mental health related costs

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