Frequently asked questions.

To find out more about Mental Health Check and what’s involved check out our FAQ’s below.

Mental Health Check FAQ’s

Is the Mental Health Check a diagnostic tool?

Mental Health Check is strictly an assessment tool that facilitates review of the outcomes with licensed mental health providers. Once an assessment review is complete, individuals can select a health care provider for further support and diagnostic feedback, if desired.

What is the cost of an assessment?

The cost of Mental Health Check is $299, is direct billed by Life Support Mental Health, and is eligible for paramedical coverage in full or in-part under most health insurance and benefit plans and/or health care spending accounts. Please review your policy details for more information. 

Is any information garnered through a Mental Health Check sent to my employer?

No. The Mental Health Check portal follows strict confidentiality regulations and guidelines. All information garnered through an assessment is property of the client and the licensed medical/mental health provider selected to review it and can only be shared in consultation and with consent. 

Where can I complete an assessment?

Mental Health Check is available online at

How long does it take to receive the results from an assessment?

Assessment results are immediate and are sent to an individual’s selected health care provider upon completion of the assessment. The Mental Health Check system notifies both the client and the selected health care provider that results are complete and ready for review.

How often should I complete an assessment?

Situations vary but it is suggested that assessments be completed annually.