Innovative Calgary Companies Collaborate to Support Men’s Mental Health and Wellness

July 05, 2022

Life Support Mental Health Inc. (“Life Support”), a technology company focused on developing tools to assess and triage mental wellness, is pleased to announce a new partnership with MenzLeague, the world’s first full service, purpose driven, mental health platform built for men. 

Men all over the world are struggling with their mental health. They are leaders in statistics on rates of violence, depression and suicide, and those numbers are increasing daily. At MenzLeague, they believe there are many underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to help change this narrative. 

Their greatest fear for men is that they have not been given a platform to be honest about how they’re feeling. To admit feeling defeat, struggle, and pain. We recognize that these attitudes are deeply rooted and complex, and many men will be resistant to jump on board for fear that they will continue to be judged in the workplace, in professional relationships and among teammates for their vulnerability and struggles. 

“The new and exciting partnership between Life Support Mental Health and MenzLeague is a partnership that we are very proud of, and one that MenzLeague is 100% committed to for a long time to come” says Derek Hill, Co-Founder of MenzLeague. “The ability to offer our community access to immediate mental health checks will make a significant impact for men who are trying to understand the specifics of the challenges they are faced with when it comes to their mental health. These assessments will give men peace of mind and a clear direction on what steps need to be taken when approaching self-care both mentally and emotionally.”

“The Life Support Mental Health team embodies many of the same principles that we strive for at MenzLeague: Educating, instilling clarity and confidence, and providing men with the tools to push them to the next phase in their lives. Seeing the customizable nature of the assessments, the professional, private, one on one reviews after completion and the efficient and effective delivery procedures made all of the difference for MenzLeague. And the fact the assessments are eligible for benefit coverage for our men was the cherry on top. Having this offering to the men across our cities and country will make a major difference. We are excited to get started!”

Keith Crawford, CEO of Life Support, echoed Derek Hills sentiments.“It is phenomenal to be partnered with a management team with the strengths, values, and conviction of MenzLeague. Life Support’s Mental Health Check adds a strategic level of support to MenzLeague’s #1 Pillar: Mental Health. We look forward to engaging MenzLeague members. We feel that mental health balance is paramount to any individual’s overall health, physical, mental, and emotional well-being!”

MenzLeague’s partnership with Life Support further demonstrates its commitment to men’s overall health balance and improvement.  We are proud to share this important collaboration to support men in their health and mental wellness journey, and help ensure their success.

About Life Support Mental Health Inc.

Life Support is a technology company that focuses on the development of scalable online tools to assist in the safe, timely and consistent assessment, review, and triage of mental health issues. Life Support’s expanding platform – Mental Health Check – offers assessment tools that provides insight to an individual’s mental wellness through a series of evidence-based questions and provides a pathway to qualified mental health support.

About MenzLeague

MenzLeague is the premier men’s mental health support platform, providing a safe space for men to become vulnerable, improve their mental health, and help face the challenges in their day-to-day lives. Through a variety of professional resources focused on improving personal relationships, financial aptitude and physical health, combined with a community of like minded men who support the objective of improving their mental health, we are creating a generation of better men.

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