Life Support Announces First Charitable Partner, The Educational Partnership Foundation

February 08, 2022

Life Support Mental Health Inc. (“Life Support”), a technology company focused on developing tools to assess and triage mental wellness, is pleased to announce a new charitable partnership with The Educational Partnership Foundation(“TEPF”), a registered not-for-profit organization founded in 1991 to provide learning and career development opportunities for Alberta youth.

Through this partnership, Life Support will donate a portion of revenue from each Mental Health Check assessment accessed and completed through the TEPF partnership page at, as well as engage in the development of a mental health assessment tool designed for adolescent individuals (“Mental Health Check – Adolescent”).

TEPF is representative of over 740,000 young Albertans. These are the bright minds of our future and many of them are also the struggling minds of our population. With the development and deployment of the Mental Health Check – Adolescent assessment portal, TEPF and Life Support look to provide access to mental health assessment tools and services that will support the needs of adolescents. Life Support’s Dr. Mitchell Colp and his fellow clinical contributors, in collaboration with TEPF and their educational partners, have targeted early spring 2022 for the release of the Mental Health Check – Adolescent assessment portal. 

“Barb and her team have listened and heard the needs of educators in Alberta,” said Keith Crawford, CEO of Life Support. “Mental Health Check – Adolescent will assist parents in the assessment and support of mental health issues affecting their children.”

TEPF’s partnership with Life Support further demonstrates its commitment to youth and their wellbeing. We are proud to share this important collaboration to support students, along with their education programs, and help ensure their success.

About Life Support Mental Health Inc.

Life Support is a technology company that focuses on the development of scalable online tools to assist in the safe, timely and consistent assessment, review, and triage of mental health issues. Life Support’s expanding platform – Mental Health Check – offers assessment tools that provides insight to an individual’s mental wellness through a series of evidence-based questions and provides a pathway to qualified mental health support.

About The Educational Partnership Foundation

For 30 years, TEPF has been making a positive impact on the lives of students by creating relevant partnerships between the business community and educators to create and deliver strong educational initiatives. Today, they reach over 740,000 youth with their literacy and trades programs. Working together, we can make a difference and build a strong Alberta community. TEPF ensures that youth are able to make the most of these opportunities, and become better citizens today for a successful tomorrow.


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