Life Support Mental Health Inc. Introduces a Team of Mental Health Advocates – Mental Health Champions

October 17, 2022

The World Health Organization has stated that approximately 450 million people worldwide struggle with mental illness and the “need for action on mental health is indisputable and urgent”. Life Support Mental Health Inc. (“Life Support”) is committed to a vision where mental health issues are treated like any other aspect of health…without judgement, with support, treatment and a clear path forward.

Life Support is incredibly proud to announce our Mental Health Champions (“Champions”) – a team of advocates who share a passion for, and commitment to, creating positive, actionable change in our communities and for those affected by mental health challenges. Directed by Michelle Cameron Coulter (Canadian Olympic gold medallist, leader and best-selling author) and led by Rob Riggle (actor, military veteran and mental health advocate), our Champions will assist in the advocacy and build awareness of innovative and accessible mental health tools such as Mental Health Check 

Mental Health Check is a confidential, online clinical support tool that provides a comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of an individuals’ current, mental and emotional health. The results of this online assessment help triage mental health issues to a qualified and issue-relevant mental health practitioner.

Each of our Champions has a unique and deeply personal journey with mental health and wellness.  They believe that, in the same way an individual goes to the doctor and dentist for an annual check-up, all individuals should have a yearly ‘Mental Health Check’ to proactively incorporate mental wellness as a part an approach to holistic health.

Meet our Champions, read their stories and join us in “indisputable and urgent” action as we advocate for, and proactively create successful mental wellness outcomes around the globe.

Meet Michelle – Champions Team Director

Michelle Cameron Coulter brings insight, compassion and a depth of experience to the Champions table. Six World Championships, an Olympic gold medal, a beautiful family with her husband, Al and four children, a successful speaking and leadership business are listed amongst her many accomplishments. She was also inducted into Canada Sports Hall of Fame and recognized for her significant contributions to the community with the prestigious Order of Canada. Michelle speaks openly and honestly about overcoming challenges, digging deep and sharing tangible tools for success. Her passion to inspire others to drive towards their own champion mindset will prove invaluable as a Champion with Life Support.

Meet Rob – Lead Champion

Rob Riggle has been a staple in comedic films and television for more than 15 years. Rob is known for his memorable characters in hits such as The Hangover and Step Brothers, as well as his numerous stints on Saturday Night Live and as a correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. While Rob has made audiences around the world laugh, he also served as a member of the United States Marine Corps. Initially joining the Marine Corps in 1990 at the age of 19, he rose through the ranks and served in various countries, including Albania, Liberia and Afghanistan. Lieutenant Colonel Riggle recently retired from the Marine Corps Reserve after 23 years of total service — nine years of active duty and 14 years in the reserves – with more than 21 medals and ribbons.  Rob will provide immeasurable leadership to the Champions Team as he draws on his depth of military experiences and passion to advocate for the mental wellness of military veterans.

About Life Support Mental Health Inc.

Life Support is a technology company that focuses on the development of scalable online tools to assist in the safe, timely and consistent assessment, review, and triage of mental health issues. Life Support’s expanding platform – Mental Health Check – offers assessment tools that provides insight to an individual’s mental wellness through a series of evidence-based questions and provides a pathway to qualified mental health support.

For more information, or to connect with a member of our Champions Team, please contact:

Keith Crawford – Chief Executive Officer
Life Support Mental Health Inc.
Phone:  855-977-2255


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