MedStack Technology Compliance Policies

Malware protection

Do not require server-level malware protection on Linux servers

  • Linux servers do not require operating-system level anti-malware software
  • File upload software should implement malware scanning.
SANSServer Malware Protection PolicyPolicy

Run malware protection on workstations

  • Mac OS
    • Periodically run appropriate anti-malware software (e.g. Malwarebytes).
  • Linux
    • Use appropriate anti-malware software.
  • Windows
    • Use (preferably multiple) industry standard anti-malware software.
  • Updates
    • Keep malware software and definitions up to date using automatic updating.
  • Mobile code
    • Use malware protection software to automatically control mobile code (e.g. javascript, Word macros).
ISOA.12.2.1Controls against malware
HIPAA164.308(a)(5)(ii)(B)Protection from malicious software
NISTSC-18Mobile Code
SOC2CC6.8The entity implements controls to prevent or detect and act upon the introduction of unauthorized or malicious software to meet the entity’s objectives.

When malware is detected

  • Quarantined the affected workstation.
  • Correct the infection using anti-malware software.
  • Report and document the incident.


  • Responsible party: All managers and supervisors
  • sanctions: standard


ISOA.12.2Protection from malware
CHISR28Protecting Against Malware

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