MedStack Technology Compliance Policies

Mobile devices and teleworking

Be secure while teleworking

  • Secure home telework spaces in accordance with Secure Areas policy.
  • When entering or displaying sensitive information, protect the keyboard and screen from view by others.
  • Use only secure wireless networks.

Mobile devices

  • Secure mobile devices
    • in accordance with the Workstation policy
    • both personal and company-owned
    • against theft by carrying or leaving in a safe place
    • against wireless attacks (such as attacks using WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC)
  • Only use mobile devices
    • that can be secured effectively
ISOA.6.2.1Mobile device policy
SOC2CC6.7The entity restricts the transmission, movement, and removal of information to authorized internal and external users and processes, and protects it during transmission, movement, or removal to meet the entity’s objectives.


  • Responsible party: All managers and supervisors
  • sanctions: standard


ISOA.6.2Mobile devices and teleworking
ISOA.11.2.6Security of equipment and assets off-premises

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