Mental Health and Wellness is a Top Priority at York Regional Police Association

September 15, 2022

Life Support Mental Health Inc. (“Life Support”), a technology company focused on developing tools to assess and triage mental wellness, is pleased to announce a Mental Health Check – Public Safety Personnel (“MHC-PSP”) partnership with York Regional Police Association (“YRPA”). 

PSP organizations work hard to support the mental health of their members and now Life Support has developed a unique assessment tool specifically for the first responder community.  It brings together a unique battery of psychological tools to screen for common mental health challenges that include things like anxiety, depression, operational and organizational stress, burnout, trauma, and substance-misuse to name a few.

Recognizing that mental health and work-related stressors are the leading cause of injury in public safety personnel, the MHC-PSP allows organizations, like YRPA to be proactive in the detection of concerns that will lead to better overall organization and operational outcomes down the road.

“The integration of Mental Health Check into YRPA’s support tools for their members demonstrates the commitment that YRPA has to proactively take care of their members’ mental health and overall wellness,” said Keith Crawford, CEO of Life Support.

Keith adds, “YRPA has historically set the standard for mental health initiatives and with the addition of Mental Health Check – PSP they continue in that direction. We applaud Chief MacSween for allowing Staff Sergeant Dr. Beth Milliard to work with this project as a Subject Matter Expert and now together we can make a difference both within YRPA and nationally for PSP.”  

“The mental health and wellness of our members is a top priority for our Association,” said Mike Buchanan, Vice President, YRPA. “We all know it’s important to have regular screenings and check-ups with our doctor for physical health. But a mental health checkup is just as important, especially for our members who have jobs that can’t easily be left behind when a shift is over. Mental Health Check is a confidential and easy to use online screening tool that provides our members with an understanding of how they are doing, while also connecting them with support, should they decide to take it.”

About Life Support Mental Health Inc.

Life Support is a technology company that focuses on the development of scalable online tools to assist in the safe, timely and consistent assessment, review, and triage of mental health issues. Life Support’s expanding platform – Mental Health Check – offers assessment tools that provides insight to an individual’s mental wellness through a series of evidence-based questions and provides a pathway to qualified mental health support.

About York Regional Police Association

Established in 1971, York Regional Police Association is a labour organization representing over 2,400 uniformed and civilian members of the York Regional Police.  The Association is dedicated to serving those that protect the York Region community.


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