Is the Mental Health Check a diagnostic tool?

Mental Health Check is strictly an assessment tool that facilitates review of the outcomes with licensed mental health providers. Once an assessment review is complete, individuals can select a health care provider for further support and diagnostic feedback, if desired.

How long does it take to review a Mental Health Check?

Based on the nature of the clinical findings of the Mental Health Check, a review can take between 8 and 20 minutes.

Am I eligible to review Mental Health Check assessments?

Psychologists, Psychological Associates, Social Workers (Bachelor’s and Master’s-Level), Counselling Therapists, and Psychotherapists who are provincially regulated are all eligible to review Mental Health Check assessments and receive a $35 payment for each review completed. Reviews are commonly completed in 8-20 minutes, which means you could be eligible to earn $140 per hour (based on 4 reviews per hour).

Am I eligible to obtain psychotherapy referrals from Life Support Mental Health?

Psychologists, Psychological Associates, Social Workers (Master’s-Level), Counselling Therapists, and Psychotherapists who are provincially regulated are all eligible to receive psychotherapy referrals from patients who have completed a Mental Health Check, and who reside in the province(s) or territories in which you are registered to provide services.

How do clients choose who they want to review their Mental Health Check assessment?

Before clients begin the Mental Health Check assessment, they are presented with a list of local Reviewers to select from. To support fairness, the list is randomized to allow everyone an equal opportunity to be listed at the top of the selection screen. Clients can then view each service provider’s profile, including photo, biography, location, and profession(s) before making their choice. This is why we encourage all service providers to fill out their profile as completely and thoroughly as possible. You will then be notified directly by email anytime you are selected to be a Reviewer by a client.

What does a Mental Health Check report look like?

Our Mental Health Check report comes in two versions.  The Summary Report provides a general overview of the Mental Health Check findings and color-coded total scores for the individual instruments contained within it.  Whereas the Comprehensive Report provides the identical overview of findings including individual responses for all items included within the instruments. See a sample Summary Report below (click on the X to view full screen).

Is the Mental Health Check offered across Canada and in which languages?

The Mental Health Check can be quickly and easily completed by patients from the comfort of their homes. It is currently offered across Canada by our licensed delivery partners. Due to the properties of the instruments contained within the Mental Health Check, it is only delivered in English at this time. Clinical research is underway towards validating the Mental Health Check in multiple languages to ensure representation.

How will I receive my $35 payment for a completed Mental Health Check review?

We will securely collect your direct deposit information during the account registration process. Payment for completed reviews (at the rate of $35 per review) will be made directly to your account within 5 business days of the end of each month in which at least one review was completed and recorded on the system.