Right of Access

Approving Authority

Keith Crawford


Life Support Mental Health Inc. (Life Support)


Date approved

March 2021

Date revised


The intent of this policy is to ensure that customers may access their information that is maintained by Life Support.

    • At all times, Health Information is under the custody and control of the Custodian, notwithstanding that the Health Information may be in the possession of Life Support. The Custodian controls access to the Health Information unless the Custodian expressly grants access and use under a Contractual Agreement.
    • Generally, patients are responsible for inputting their Health Information directly into Life Support’s systems and Life Support staff are not involved in the collection, nor can they access patient Health Information directly. In the unlikely event that a patient requests their information directly from Life Support or sub-contractors, the patient will be directed to the Custodian with responsibility for their information. Life Support does not release information directly to patients


This policy applies to:

    • Staff, including contractors providing services on behalf of Life Support; and
    • Records in any form created or received in the course of carrying out Life Support mandated functions and activities; and
    • All facilities and equipment required to store Health Information.

Policies and Procedures

    • Review and update this policy annually, and ensure staff are informed and trained on any policy updates.
    • Routine requests for information from patients’ records are authorized by the Privacy Officer.
    • It is preferable to have patients request access to their own information by submitting a written request to the Privacy Officer.
    • Life Support shall provide access to individually identifying information only to the Custodian who is responsible for the information or to his I her authorized representative.
    • When access to Health Information is requested by a patient, it will be documented and dated.
    • Authentication of Recipient. When an authorized representative requests Health Information access, and the representative is not known to Life Support, reasonable steps shall be taken to verify the identity of the individual or authorized representative before disclosing Health Information.

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